Anime Senshi is Closed.

It was a good run and I had a blast, but I think it's obvious the site was no longer what it used to be.
Sorry I burned out pretty quickly and just did not have time to properly maintain the site.
Thank you to all the users and staff who kept this site going for so long (2009-2014)!


Staff List (sorry if I missed anyone):
Aiden0rChad, Al92, animangalabs, Arklash, Ash555, Athelias, caboose, coldblooded, Collin_Jason, CraigTheOtaku, Dirac12, dowyale, Duckwad, EdwardDFMA, eLPointe, furzi, inu762, Kagecode, kerobear, kiriku, Laraski, last_exile, Maveric, Miften, Neopode, Nextapes, OtakuDao, Oz Knight, Phantoms Cry, picnic, Pikachu25in1990, renchan, Samishii23, Scryed, shinigamibob, Silkypico, Smoothtalk, songowai, StarSeven, Sugi-san, Vivid.